Hi, I'm Dane!

I'm all about learning, breaking, making, and tinkering. Sometimes, my experiments evolve into something cool enough to share with the world, like the party game Card Sale I brought to life with the help of Charlie Berens.

My adventure's portfolio is eclectic: launching businesses, creating brand identities (logos, merchandise, websites, you name it) for both national brands and mom & pop shops, designing a mobile app to streamline curbside pickups, and orchestrating a super secret city-wide adventure game for my buddies. I've dabbled in comedy—writing, videography, producing—and even automated design and data processes for clients. Oh, and occasionally, I write raps.

Looking for something unique? Whether it's branding, packaging design, product design, automating workflows, engaging AV projects, or just making something awesome, I'm your guy. Send me a message at dschaefer@gmail