I am a father of two, a husband, a life-long Sheboygan resident and the fourth generation of local small business owners. With your support, I am ready to apply my unique experience and passion for the greater good of our community.

Vote April 2, 2019 || Voter Information

Why I'm Running

I love my hometown. The type of love that I have for Sheboygan is similar to how I love my sons, George and Diego. Like them, in Sheboygan I see great potential and take a huge amount of pride. Even though I am already in awe of them, it is those feelings that make me want to work my hardest to help them reach their full potential. I have a creative and critical mind, unique experience, and a rare passion to help Sheboygan realize its full potential. The greater good is my focus, and I have a strong voice and a willingness to stand up for what's right for our great city.

Community Initiatives

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The Issues

Public Goods & Services

As a member of Sheboygan's common council I will work hard to ensure public goods and services are protected, maintained, and properly funded.

Public goods and services play a vital role in a happy, safe, healthy and informed community. Public parks and facilities should never be taken from the community for private development without an equal or greater replacement. We must also properly care for our public goods and our police and fire services must continue to be properly funded to keep our community happy, and safe. Proper maintenance of our roads, parks, and public facilities is not only good for a happy and healthy community, it is the most cost effective practice.

Community Development & Engagement

As a member of Sheboygan's common council I will seek to strengthen our community and further engage the people in shaping the future of the city.

Quality of life is everything that makes a place worth calling home. Community plays a huge role in that. The feeling of being included as an important part of a community generates pride and collaborative energy that helps make good places great. Sheboygan needs to continue to develop our community and work to make being involved and engaged more fun and exciting. Many times great solutions to issues facing Sheboygan exist within the community and we would arrive at them more quickly through greater community engagement.

Responsible, Sustainable, Economic Development

As a member of Sheboygan's common council I will look to stop spending tax dollars subsidizing individual businesses and instead work to foster a more inclusive, supportive, and accessible environment for doing business in Sheboygan.

Economic development should be a byproduct of good governance. It should not focus on one-off negotiated subsidies, or benefits. These are neither equitable nor sustainable practices. Instead, Sheboygan should focus on broader, inclusive changes that make opening and running a business easier, and more rewarding. Just as in the past, the next Acuity, Rockline, or Old Wisconsin won't come because of incentives. They will be homegrown and their success will be sooner realized in an environment that fosters and takes pride in its local upstarts. Creating this type of business environment will be more rewarding and less expensive than our current practices. This coupled with greater care for public goods, a happier, more informed, and more engaged community will create organic economic demand.

Honesty & Transparency

As a member of Sheboygan's common council I will work tirelessly to make government processes more transparent.

We find the best solutions, the best path forward, when the community is informed. City employees and elected officials serve the community and must never withhold, or obscure information to influence action. If we can't be honest and transparent in our attempts to accomplish a task, then that task is unlikely in service of the greater good.

Lend A Hand


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